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Epilepsy in Adults: Causes and Treatments

Epilepsy is a chronic disease associated with impaired activity of the cells of the cerebral cortex. Normally, nerve cells (neurons) transmit signals using small electrical impulses. During epilepsy, the normal processes of regulating the power of electrical impulses and the processes of their transfer between neurons are disrupted. As a result, a very strong electrical […]

FAQs about Epilesy

Is Epilepsy a Mental Disorder? Epilepsy is not a mental disorder. Indeed, several decades ago there was a belief that epilepsy treatment is the prerogative of psychiatrists. And even earlier there was an opinion that epilepsy is one of the forms of insanity. Patients who had such kind of seizures were placed in hospitals for […]

Ion Channel Epilepsies

The above link will automatically download A PDF file of a 36 page power point presentation created by Sofia Walton, Pharm D. Candidate, Wingate University reviewing Ion Channel Epilepsies into a new browser window or tab.