RTI Guide for Parents

Dedicated to the parents who tirelessly advocate daily for their children’s right to a Free, Appropriate Public Education and who, through that advocacy, pave the road for a better education for their children and for many other children who are impacted positively through their efforts.

Making sure that your child is taught with scientifically based instructional techniques and materials that are based on your child’s needs—that should be the goal for a response to intervention (RTI) program that is done appropriately.  This guide has been written by the Learning Disabilities Association of Illinois to assist you in monitoring whether the school district is implementing  the program correctly.

Response to Intervention should NOT be used to prevent your child from being evaluated when there is suspicion that your child has a disability or to deny rights to your child.  Response to Intervention should NOT be used to remove your child from special education services that he or she is already receiving or to have your child taught by an individual who is not qualified to teach.

This guide provides you with the tools that you need to understand what Response to Intervention is and is not.  It is your job to protect the rights of your child—you are your child’s best advocate.  Knowledge is power. With this guide, the Learning Disabilities Association of Illinois has provided you with the information you need to assure that your child receives appropriate services based on his or her individual needs.

Download RTI Guide for Parents