Participate in a Dravet syndrome Genetic Study

The Genetic Investigation of Child Neurological Disorders

Archie Metcalfe, M.D.

And his team at UCSD seek to identify new causes of Dravet syndrome

Who Can Help?

Families with:

  • prefer at least 2 members with epilepsy and at least one with Dravet syndrome (Also accepting Dravet participants without a family history of seizures)
  • Dravet syndrome as a primary diagnosis and no SCN1A mutations found
  • Epilepsy or Dravet syndrome must not be due to trauma, tumors, CNS infection, stroke, pregnancy or birth complications or othe environmental factors

Participating in Research

At no cost to you includes:

  • Filling out a medical questionnaire, a consent form, and release of medical records form
  • donating DNA: saliva or blood for genetic analysis
  • Genetic analysis, with positive results reported to your doctor upon your request

For more information contact:

Clinical Study Coordinator, Kiley Hill

Phone: 970-426-6803

Email: [email protected]
For more information about our lab visit our website at
Archie Metcalfe Neurogenetics Laboratory

2801 Shobe Lane
Durango, CO 81301

[email protected]

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