Drug Selection with the Ketogenic Diet

Guidelines for Drug Selection in Patients on the Ketogenic Diet

spoonThe following data has been compiled as guidance to be used when prescribing for children who are on the ketogenic diet.  Whilst best efforts have been made to ensure accuracy and completeness of the list, USERS MUST ENSURE THEY CHECK DETAILS WITH MANUFACTURERS, PHARMACISTS OR MEDICINES INFORMATION DEPARTMENTS AS APPROPRIATE.

The information given relates to details declared by manufacturers.  The ingredients that are listed are those that have been deemed to be particularly important to those individuals that may be on the ketogenic diet, with quantities also being listed with the intention of being a guide to aid in prescribing for these patients.  Dietitians will need to be made aware of the use of the drugs, which could make a significant contribution to dietary energy (kcals).

In some cases, where the carbohydrate content may be deemed particularly high, it may be appropriate to seek alternatives.

Data compiled & checked by: Medicines Information, Great Ormond Street Hospital
Date: September 2005
Review date: September 2007

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